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About Lizette Geisler:

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Elementary Education, I have been teaching for twelve years—the past four years as a full-time kindergarten teacher at Seven Oaks Elementary in Tampa, Florida. Prior to that, I worked as a full-time Pre-K-4 teacher at Independent Day School (IDS), a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, also in Tampa. During my five years at IDS, I was given the opportunity to work abroad in Spain as a kindergarten teacher and to train teachers there in some of IDS’s foundational philosophy and practices. These include both IDS’s M.O.R.E. Approach (Multiple Options for Results in Education) and what I learned about applying Dr. Spencer Kagan’s internationally acclaimed Cooperative Learning Structures in the classroom. I also was a contributing author to the highly acclaimed book co-written by Debbie Happy Cohen and the IDS Faculty (It’s All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a “Teacher of the Year”).

The idea for My Gift to the World started as a children’s book project for one of my upper-level collegiate courses. I was trying to figure out my answer to the question, “What is my gift to the world?” My mom is a Suzuki piano teacher and an accomplished musician. For many years, I’ve seen how playing and teaching music made her so happy and what a gift it has been to everyone around her. I grew up watching the magical effect it had on people. And I knew as a little girl this was my mom’s “gift to the world.” So, I sat down and wrote the original draft of this book, and then left it in a box for five years. Two years ago, I went back and revised it and had it professionally edited. It took five years for me to realize this is my gift to the world. With the help of my editor and my life coach, I started the My Gift to the World series, featuring Valentina and her dog, Snickers. I hope this story (and those that follow) blesses everyone who reads it and helps you toward your purpose in life, your gift to the world.

Love and Blessings,
Lizette Geisler
Lizette Geisler is the author of My Gift to the World an inspirational children's book that helps build self-confidence and self-worth in kids

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